Audreio acquires Sononics Audio

Audreio has announced the acquisition of Sononics Audio, LLC’s products and IP. Sononics, a developer of audio software, has two commercially available products: Revival — a drawbar synthesizer, and GSX — a multi-effect and shaper processor.

Jorge Castellanos, CEO of Audreio, discusses the impact of this acquisition: “Taking over the development of Sononics products will mark the beginning of a new product line for Audreio. This new line accomplishes two important goals for us, in that it fosters creation as well as complements Audreio’s current and already successful product suite which encourages and simplifies interoperability across devices, instruments, studios, and ultimately, musicians.”

With regards to Sononics’ flagship product, company founder Robert Currie explains, “Revival doesn’t simply ‘revive’ the vintage analog classic sounds but extends and morphs them with modern synthesis techniques, producing exquisite modern-sounding, yet warm and rich sonic textures.”

The first focus will be on updating the flagship Revival synthesizer to make it available across all plug-in formats. Development has already begun and a release announcement should follow later this month.

About Sononics
Sononics creates virtual musical instruments and audio effects. Founded in 2012, Sononics released its first product, Revival 1.0 for Propellerhead Reason, in July 2013. The company is committed to creating high-quality and innovative products for musicians.

About Audreio

Audreio’s mission is to revitalize the music creation industry using the latest technological advances to create tools for studios, producers, and musicians.

Written by Jorge Castellanos : @piticfericit

Makes tools at Audreio, music at Zampol Productions, books at Elephas

  1. I have been using Revival inside Reason for years. This device is seriously under-rated. I think that the graphic design makes the Hammond Organ features prominent, when in reality, the other features are just as wonderful, if not more. A graphics redesign (keeping the B3 vibe) could make the device way more understandable and popular. One feature that is completely overlooked by musicians is the guitar amplifier/cabinets/effects component. Getting Revival is like buying a Cayenne Turbo, finding a Ducati Monster in the back, and a Macbook Pro 15 under the seat.

    • John, thanks for the comments. We did redesign the UI and we are planning to release later this month.

  2. Also, during the transition to the different plug-in formats we had to rethink some of the features that are just standard on Reason REs, and some of the “back panel functionality” got lost (e.g. the different input and output tap points won’t be available now).

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